Legend Heavy Duty Counter Top Equipment

Countertop Equipment

Engineered for the most demanding chefs, the Legend series gas counter equipment is manufactured to the same heavy-duty standards as our full size units with countertop convenience. The extensive line includes overfired broilers, convection ovens and more.


  • Stainless steel front standard, sides optional
  • Stainless steel 4" (10.2cm) flue risers
  • 4" (10.2cm) stainless steel legs
  • All painted surfaces are electrolytic zinc coated for superior corrosion protection and long life.
  • 1 ¼" (3.2cm) front manifold gas connection
  • Time tested angle-iron construction throughout for the most demanding kitchens
  • Hassle free! Designed for quick installation and easy cleaning
  • Choose from 24 standard configurations, all priced the same
  • One of the largest cooking surfaces in the industry
  • Heavy duty one piece cast iron grates
  • Burners are rated between 15,000 - 35,000 BTUs/hr each, depending on the range top
  • One of the largest cooking surfaces in the industry: 36" wide x 31" deep with an option to go as deep as 37" (91.4cm x 78.7cm or 94.0cm)
  • Open tops feature largest cast iron burners in the industry
  • Precision ground steel hot tops/fry tops use cast iron even heat burners


  • Depending on the top configuration, available in widths of 12" (30.5cm), 18" (45.7cm), 24" (61.0cm), 36" (91.4cm), 48" (121.9cm), 54" (137.2cm), 60" (152.4cm) and 72" (182.9cm)
  • Manual or thermostatic controlled steel fry top/griddle available with grooves
  • Ring and cover tops with powerful 35K BTUs/hr cast iron banjo type burner
  • Step up open tops
  • Combination step up open/hot tops
  • Char grills
  • 42" (106.7cm) extra deep ranges
  • Stainless steel sides, back
  • "Add-a Units" available in 12" (30.5cm), 18" (45.7cm) and 24" (61.0cmm) sizes
  • Stainless steel worktop

     Model C24-559 Shown

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                 Counter Top Ranges with Open Tops, Hot Tops and French Tops
                 12" Counter Top Range Series 
                 18" Counter Top Range Series 
                 24" Counter Top Range Series 
                 36" Counter Top Range Series - Open Top/Hot Top Models
                 36" Counter Top Range Series- Hot Top Models

                 Counter Top Griddles
                 12-36" Counter Top Griddle Models
                 36" Counter Top Griddle Plus Models
                 48"-72" Counter Top Griddle Models

                 Counter Top Planchas, and Plancha Plus
                 18"-36" Counter Top Planchas